| About Kassidy |

In Kindergarten, you’re asked what you want to be when you grow up. Everybody says silly things, but as the years go on when we get asked this question people want a “real” answer. However, my answer never changed. I was a week old when I was at my first sprint cart race, in victory lane for the first time two weeks later, and for as long as I can remember being a race car driver is all I’ve ever wanted to do.

My name is Kassidy Kreitz and I am a third generation, 18-year-old race car driver from Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania. I started racing go-karts against my dad and his friends behind our house when I was 9, moved up to JR slingshots when I was 12, All-star slingshots at 14, and Racesaver 305s when I was 16.

Outside of racing, I am a business student at my local college. The information that I’ve learned at college, and through the business classes that I took while in high school (where I was the outstanding business student three years in a row), has been instrumental in advancing my racing career and promoting my partners.

My mission has always been to share my passion, determination, and work ethic for motorsports with fans, team members, and partners.


Sinking Spring, PA


Working-out, studying, listening to music.


July 28, 1999


Marketing student at Drexel University.