2019 Marketing Opportunities

We currently have marketing opportunities available for the 2019 season! Learn more below

Logo Placement

We have numerous spots open on the car, from associate to primary sponsorship. Logo’s will also be posted on hero cards, our website, and more!

Social Media Marketing

Partners are promoted on ALL of our social media networks. This is done through regular posts, giveaways, photography, takeovers, chats, and more!


Appearances with Kassidy and/or the car is a great way to boost employee moral, have a customer appreciation day, or even to draw attnetion at a tradeshow!

What People Are Saying

Learn who is representing your company

“Kassidy is such a unique, inspiring young woman. Her drive (no pun intended) to follow her passion, as well as her professional and upbeat demeanor, ensure that she will always have success in whatever direction her path takes her! The Chamber of Commerce was lucky enough to have Kassidy briefly speak at our 2017 Young Leadership Conference, and we were honored to have her share her story with over 150 young women from across Berks County, grades ten and eleven. She is well-spoken, a delight to work with, and was a fantastic role model for her peers! Whatever your interaction with Kassidy may be, you will surely be uplifted and motivated!” Ellen Albright

Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce

“I have been watching racing my whole life. I love to see a young women try their hand at the sport and do awesome! (You) ran an awesome (race) in your heat you get them boys!! Girl Power!” Jessica Miller


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to be a corportate company?
We have premade packages available for companies and organizations of every size. We are more than happy to work with you to create a custom program to meet your needs and maximize your marketing efforts.
Where will our logo be?
Logo placement is dependent upon your partnership package. This exapands from primary to associate partnerships; and logo palcement expanding from the front wing, to the main body, to an arm guard.
How many races will you run?
You can visit our ‘schedule‘ tab to find our TENTATIVE races. While these are not writen in stone, this gives an approximation of where/when we will run.
Can I "upgrade" my partnership midway through the season?
We’d be happy to talk with you about getting more out of partnering with our team when the time comes, just let us know and we would be happy to work with you!

Have anymore questions, just shoot us an email.